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Before you start trading with foreign countries, it is better to consult experts about matters related to foreign trade - for example what means of transport would be the best one, what business conditions to negotiate with a business partner, how to modify the logistics/supply chain so that it is functional (e.g. if it is more beneficial to transport the goods in large quantities into so-called buffer stock or "feed" with a smaller IN TIME deliveries), if the conditions of Letter of Credit could be realistic and achievable (i.e. will I ever get payment for the goods?) etc.

In case of client´s interest we discuss and clarify all the possible issues with them and suggest an appropriate solution.

E.g. Letter of Credit and its conditions is very strict and the negotiating should be dealt in a careful way. It has already happened to us several times that after studying the draft of a Documentary Letter of Credit, we concluded that the bank stated such documents for its release which the client would either not have a chance to submit to the bank, or could do so only with a great difficulty.


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